Equity Fund

Equity Fund

The Equity Fund is a continuation of the original model and strategies used within this proprietary trading book. The portfolio offers investors the opportunity to invest alongside Gleneagle Securities, who is a key investor in the Fund.

The Fund uses a unique combination of technical, fundamental, and qualitative analysis to identify market and industry thematics that will develop into significant re-ratings and longer-term trends well before they have become widely accepted. Focus then turns on structuring the portfolio to maximise these opportunities.

The portfolio’s central focus is to identify specific companies meeting the strict criteria for investment and are poised for significant growth due to company-specific factors and/or broader industry and macro trends. Where macro trends are identified, the portfolio will also aim to profit directly from those trends with direct investment in that specific asset class which may include bonds, commodities, and foreign exchange.

Application of these principles across five key strategies ensures that the portfolio is diverse in capturing performance across different asset classes and maintains exposure to only those investments that are actually producing positive returns for the portfolio.

The Equity Fund also has a particular focus on identifying attractive structured income opportunities to help provide an ongoing core long-term yield for the portfolio.

* After all fees from January 2015 to October 2019

Management Fee (ex-GST)

1.0% p.a.

Performance Fee (ex-GST)

20% p.a.

Expense Recovery (no-GST)

Max. 0.5% p.a.


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Fund Documents

Investment Trust PDS
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