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GAML: Gleneagle Asset Management Limited

Gleneagle Asset Management Limited (GAML) ABN 29 103 162 278 AFSL 226199 is a subsidiary of Gleneagle Securities. Through GAML, Gleneagle is able to offer asset management and related services to wholesale investors and fund managers. If you are a funds manager interested in acquiring investors, Gleneagle Securities can provide you with the right platform.

Capital Introduction

Integral to the successful establishment of hedge funds and other managed investment schemes is the introduction of fund managers to sources of investment capital. Gleneagle, over a significant period of time, has developed a vast network within the wholesale investment community.

Drawing on this network, Gleneagle works closely with fund managers to determine their fund’s potential marketability and sources of capital. We then make introductions that are driven by investor demand to ensure a successful capital raising and establish lasting investment relationships.

Looking for Investment Capital?

If you are a Funds Manager looking to raise capital for your fund please contact us. Note that these services are available to institutional and professional investors only.

RE Services

GAML is licensed pursuant to the Corporations Act to act as Responsible Entity (RE) for registered managed investment schemes. As Responsible Entity (RE), GAML remains responsible for the operation of schemes (funds) on an ongoing basis, specifically to provide:

  • Fund setup and administration.
  • Delivery of required documents.
  • Establishment and monitoring of compliance plans.
  • Appointment and monitoring of external service providers.
  • Regular compliance certifications.
  • Performance reviews and on-site visits.
  • Monitoring against the delivery and performance of service standards.

Are You a Funds Manager?

In addition to acting as RE for registered managed investment schemes (funds), Gleneagle is also able to provide a premium mini prime brokerage service to enable fund managers to trade efficiently in a variety of markets.

Direct Investments in Managed Products

In addition, Gleneagle Securities features a range of Managed Funds that clients can invest into directly by purchasing units in the fund. If you are a client interested in learning more about our Managed Products please click below.

Gleneagle Income Plus Trust

Management Team

Matt Hall – Portfolio Manager

Alex Webster – Dealer

Key Benefits

An investment in the Trust presents an opportunity to receive monthly income distributions, with a targeted annual yield that is higher than stock dividend yields but with capital volatility that is lower than stock market returns.

The Trust:

  • aims to produce regular distributions, which may suit SMSF’s, retirees and other investors seeking regular income payments;
  • is a simple and convenient way to get indirect exposure to the dividends of large-cap Australian companies, but with lower volatility than the stock market;
  • aims to produce monthly distributions to unitholders.

Features of the Income Plus Fund:

  • aims to produce an average annual yield of 6% (net of fees, charges and other costs & before tax);
  • Does not utilise Put Options to limit potential portfolio downside exposure, however minimises potential losses via dispersion strategies using Index Derivatives (see below)

Investment Strategy

The Trust invests only in listed financial instruments, that is instruments traded on public exchanges such as the Australian Stock Exchange. The Trust invests in a mixture of listed securities and their derivatives (options) that are liquid, and whose characteristics fit the investment strategy criteria and mandate.

The primary strategy of the Trust is to firstly earn the dividends which are paid by the shares owned in its primary portfolio and then to convert the unknown, potential capital gains of the underlying shares in which it invests into known, upfront cash payments. The Trust achieves this by investing in the shares and then selling call options linked either directly to the underlying shares or to an index in which those shares are a component. The sold call options generate a cash payment which is known in advance, enhancing the Trust’s yield, but also negate some to all of the available future capital gains applicable to the underlying share investment.

It is important to note that the value of your investment is still affected by the price movement of its direct share investment. The Income Plus Fund is structured to deliver high yield returns with some downside protection. It does this by dispersing risk of the share portfolio via the use of index derivatives.

The Income Plus Fund disperses the volatility risk of the portfolio by selling weighted index call options. This gives the fund balance and lowers the overall volatility of the portfolio, whilst allowing capital growth, some downside protection and yields higher than what the market itself can offer.

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