Gleneagle Equities

Why trade Equities with Gleneagle?

Whether you’re managing your super, hedging your existing portfolio or generating income, Gleneagle Securities will provide you with the best possible execution, settlement and reporting.

Our clients have the option to execute transactions themselves through webIRESS or contact our dedicated dealing desk to execute on their behalf.

Transactions settle with your dedicated Cash Management Account, which can be accessed by telephone or internet banking or simply by making a request of our Cash team.

How does Equities Trading work?

Buying a share makes you a part equity owner in that company. As a part owner of a business you are entitled to benefits, such as a share of profits distributed through dividends and usually the right to vote at company meetings.

When trading Equities with Gleneagle:

  • Execute your buy or sell transaction through our webIRESS platform or our contact dealing desk. Confirmation details will be sent when your order is fulfilled.
  • Three days after your trade (T+3) your dedicated Cash Management Account will debited (for buy orders) or credited (for sell orders). Sales proceeds can be used immediately to buy additional shares.
  • Settle your HIN transactions with an existing margin loan facility or set up a new one through Leveraged Equities.


Bespoke Brokerage Services

Gleneagle can tailor a brokerage solution to suit your needs. Our experienced dealers will evaluate the best possible brokerage arrangement to ensure you can concentrate on managing your investments.


Gleneagle Securities’ webIRESS platform offers clients Live Data and News Feeds on ASX listed companies and access to Level II Depth, allowing traders to gauge buying and selling pressure. Live data fees apply.

Easy Portfolio Transfers

We will assist you to move your existing HIN portfolio to Gleneagle Securites and can also convert any SRN holdings, so you can manage all of your investments from one place. This is a free service when you open a new account.

Income Distribution

The webIRESS platform provides investors with comprehensive dividend information. Build your dividend portfolio and enjoy automatic dividend distribution to your dedicated Cash Management Account.

CGT Reporting

If you self-manage your super, Gleneagle Securities offers Premium Portfolio Wrap services, allowing you to quickly and easily generate reports and manage your tax reporting requirements.

Corporate Deal Flow

Gleneagle Securities provides access to corporate deal flow from some of the most respected names in the industry. Our corporate team is a hand-picked collection of experienced individuals in a variety of industries.


Liquidity Risk

Though the Australian share market is usually liquid, there are times when you may not find a buyer or seller at the price you want due to certain market conditions.

Market Forces

Equity shares are subject to market movements, which can be rapid and are dependent on local and global economic factors. Some shares may be more susceptible to these factors, represented by greater price volatility.


Capital Loss

If the market moves against you and you sell your shares for a lower price than you bought them for, you will be subject to a capital loss.

Get Started

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How do I transfer existing shares to my Gleneagle Securities account?

Once you have opened an account with Gleneagle Securities, download the share transfer application form which details two methods for transferring shares.

  1. Broker to Broker transfer: If you have shares held with an existing broker, fill out this part of the form with the appropriate details to transfer to Gleneagle Securities.
  2. Issuer Sponsored to Broker Sponsored transfer: If your shares are sponsored by the particular share registry used by the listed company, fill out this part of the application form to
Is there a minimum amount of shares I can buy?

$500 is the minimum amount of shares you can buy.

Is their a minimum deposit I must make when opening an account?

No, but you must have a Linked Bank Account or Cash Management Account with funds to trade.

How do I know when my buy and sell orders have been filled?

Notification of orders that have been filled will be sent to you after market either by email or mail, depending on the preference you selected.

How do I pay for my shares?

Once your buy order is partially or fully executed, settlement will take place three ASX settlement days after its execution (T+3)We will automatically direct debit from your nominated bank account on T+3.