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Trade with some of the best platforms with advanced charting and metrics for various financial products.

FOREX Trading

Our Professional Forex Trading Platforms are a division of Gleneagle Securities (Aust) Pty Limited, an Australian Financial Services Licencee (AFSL 337985).

We can offer clients 70+ tradeable instruments including Forex, Commodities and Indices. We provide trading access to various platform interfaces (MetaTrader 4, Prime FX or FIX API) depending on your trading needs.Our high performance trading servers are based in Equinix NY4 and are cross connected to multiple liquidity providers to deliver ultra-low latency, reliable execution and consistently competitive pricing.

Our mission is to provide to all our customers an exceptional service, high performance trade execution, and extremely competitive spreads with low fees and complete transparency.

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Gleneagle Securities offers clients the SaxoTrader platforms, with the ability to trade thousands of instruments across multiple asset classes from a single account.

SaxoTrader: with the ability to trade thousands of instruments across multiple asset classes from a single account. Easy to download and install on Windows machines, SaxoTrader is suitable for sophisticated traders who require advanced charting and custom, multi-screen workspaces.

SaxoTraderGO: an intuitive HTML-based platform allowing clients to manage their portfolios easily on any device (iOS, Android and Web) from a single account. View market prices on more than 30,000 instruments across FX, CFDs, Futures, Options and Stocks. SaxoTraderGO gives you countless opportunities with zero complexity.