Private Client

Financial Products

Gleneagle Securities offers  a range of financial products including:

Client First

Gleneagle Securities offers expert general financial advice and a full range of investing and trading solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our many types of private client. Whether your needs are execution only based or you require guidance and recommendations via our full service offering, our team of Private Client Advisors can tailor a solution that fits with your objectives.

We also cater to the trading and investment needs of the private clients of our many partners including Educators, Market Commentators and software based trading solutions with dedicated advisory personnel versed in each of the different methodologies. Our Advisors are proficient in both technical and fundamental analysis techniques across a wide range of disciplines.

Our Goal

At Gleneagle Securities we understand that financial markets are cyclical in nature and that profiting from short-term trading opportunities and investing for the long-term require different approaches. We have built a strong base of sophisticated and professional clients who share this understanding with us and we value the journey we share with you.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you by providing general advice that is always in your best interests, delivering streamlined brokerage services and keeping you on the course of long-term prosperity.