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Billy Macris

Billy is Gleneagle’s Head of Trading, bringing ~30 years’ experience trading global markets. In addition to his Executive role, Billy works one-on-one with clients, assisting them to pursue their investment goals through education and trading advice.
Gleneagle Team - Billy Macris


Billy has a keen interest in global investment strategies across various geographical boundaries, but more importantly a focus on the key themes that move global markets; from equities to interest rates and commodities.

Billy believes in thinking beyond traditional investment parameters and in considering thematic, relevant, and up-to-date drivers of financial markets. As Head of Trading for Gleneagle, he draws on this methodology when working one-on-one with clients to educate and empower them in their investment decision making.



Fully accredited derivatives advisor and has completed a Bachelor of Business with a major in Banking and Finance.


As Head of Trading, Billy plays an active role in the Management of Gleneagle, through investment and compliance committees.


An accomplished Author, Billy co-wrote the book on Options ‘Options in Motion’ and publishes resources and trade ideas for investor benefit, daily.


Billy commenced his career in corporate treasury, then transitioned into the inter-bank foreign exchange market for a major Australian trading bank where he spent almost 10 years. He then spent time working in the hedge fund industry, and since 2004 has educated and managed private clients across all asset classes, with exposures both locally and internationally. 

Insights from Billy

Trading Themes
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