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Gleneagle facilitates financing solutions for public, private, equity and debt transactions

Gleneagle offers a broad range of services including: refinancings, growth capital, secondary liquidity, buyouts and project financing.

We act as underwriter, placement agent or advisor for:

  • Various types of Equity, Pre-lPO, Hybrid Debt and Convertibles
  • Private and Public Debt, Asset-Based Lending, Infrastructure Financing
  • Strategic Stakes, Disposals, Securities Loans, Options, Single Stock Hedging

Our Partnership with Corporate Clients

Deciding which companies Gleneagle works with is decided by more than performance evaluation and reaching commercial terms.

Business success at its core, is determined by its people. We back good management and seek alignment in skill, transparency and intent.

Through these relationships, we create a mutual flow of information, enabling us to support Corporate clients long-term, throughout the many stages of their business’ journey.

Gleneagle Trading

By building a true partnership, we’re able to introduce capital from:

Our valued institutional client base and industry network

Private equity, venture and growth capital, mutual funds, hedge funds, alternative asset managers, bank and non-bank lenders, sovereign wealth, insurance, pension funds and family offices.

Gleneagle Internally

Gleneagle fund managers, our own balance sheet, and esteemed platform of individual investors.


Effective capital raising strategies require extensive knowledge of market conditions, established networks within the investment community and a comprehensive understanding of the needs and objectives of the various parties involved.

We work with clients to:

Explore funding options and ascertain suitable solutions

Reduce reliance on excessive debt

Establish compliant capital raising vehicles

Acquire debt or other financing, if required

Our Corporate Advisory team have extensive experience in advising both issuers and underwriters of IPOs, placements, rights issues, and capital raising, enabling us to deliver product agnostic advice and execution services.

Throughout the entire deal, from preparation to execution, our Corporate clients work with the same team of trusted bankers.


We leverage an extensive range of tools and market experience to achieve our clients’ goals via public and private debt exchanges, tenders and repurchases, new money financings, negotiated recapitalisations, official and unofficial judicial processes to:

Optimise/ deleverage balance sheets and provide maximum operating flexibility

Address financial and operating challenges as a result of business performance

Improve debt covenants with lenders and bondholders

Take advantage of opportunities associated with market volatility and security prices

Enhance liquidity

Raise new capital in all forms of debt and equity

Corporate Transactions

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