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Financial markets constantly evolve with new products and themes.

With so much choice available, often the most onerous task is deciding which opportunities to pay attention to, and whether they complement your overarching objectives.

Investing is our core business. Gleneagle’s Trading and Advisory team work with you one-on-one to educate and empower you in your investment decision making.

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Understanding your portfolio and broader financial objectives is imperative when formulating a measured wealth management strategy. You may seek to transfer your existing portfolio from another broker or start with a clean slate, manage your Self-Managed Super Fund, hedge your existing portfolio, or generate additional income.

Whether it’s identifying short-term trading opportunities or investing for the long term, we tailor our services to align with your portfolio and objectives.


Market thematics are ever changing, and responding to such is often time-sensitive.

Leverage our experienced analysts and comprehensive research reports for market insights on stocks, sectors, and industries, to help you navigate the financial landscape.

We believe in thinking beyond traditional investment parameters and considering thematic, relevant, and up-to-date drivers of financial markets. This approach allows us to provide you with relevant information and ideas to assist in your investment decision-making process.


Our broad expertise allow you to access a global network of products to assist in asset allocation, diversification, hedging or additional strategies – not limited by geographical boundaries.

Explore ideas beyond local borders and traditional asset classes and feel empowered to take advantage of opportunities as they present. Short term trading, long term investing, hedging or thematic investing in stocks or Exchange Traded funds, capital growth or income strategies are all options for your consideration.

Head of Trading

Billy Macris

Billy is Gleneagle’s Head of Trading, bringing ~30 years’ experience trading global markets. In addition to his Executive role, Billy works one-on-one with clients, assisting them to pursue their investment goals through education and trading advice.
Gleneagle Team - Head of Trading - Billy Macris
Gleneagle Team - Head of Trading - Billy Macris

Trading Themes

Read the latest trading themes and investor resources from Gleneagle’s Trading and Advisory team.

Alastair Kennelly
Trading Themes
Two-thirds of Australians fear they won’t have accumulated enough money to retire comfortably. This concern is particularly pronounced among baby boomers (52%) and Generation X...
Alastair Kennelly
Trading Themes
In our last article Income Investing vs Growth Investing, we mentioned the significant differences in the taxation rules. Let’s investigate the tax rules and how...

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