IPO’s & Placements

Capital Raising

Effective capital raising strategies require extensive knowledge of market conditions, established networks within the investment community and a broad understanding of the needs of all the parties involved in making deals happen. With that in mind, we set about creating the Gleneagle Securities Corporate Team.

The result is a collection of well networked, knowledgeable individuals, capable of developing innovative strategies to raise capital and bring together the right combination of parties to ensure the success of capital raising initiatives in a variety of markets and industry sectors. Our Corporate Team has extensive experience in advising both issuers and underwriters of IPOs, placements, rights issues and capital raising, and works with client to:

  • Explore funding options and ascertain suitable solutions
  • Reduce reliance on excessive debt
  • Establish compliant capital raising vehicles
  • Acquire debt or other financing if required

Looking to Raise Capital?

Whether a Startup looking for venture capital, or an Established Firm seeking additional equity, Gleneagle Securities Corporate Team can cater to your needs. For more information about how we can help in your next raising, contact us today.

Corporate Advisory

Gleneagle understands that today’s business environment is more dynamic and competitive than ever before. It is crucial that businesses are able create networks within the business community in order to best position themselves to achieve targets for growth and performance. At the same time, business leaders need to be confident that the strategy and structure of their organisation best suits the pursuit of their goals. Our team of experienced, professional business advisors, able to deliver specialised knowledge and expertise, is ready and willing to ensure your business is able to enter, grow and compete in today’s business environment. Our Corporate Advisory service includes:

  • Capital and corporate restructuring
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Organising deals
  • Managing due diligence

Looking for an Advisor?

If you are looking to better position your firm or develop a strategy that will grow and prosper your business, get in contact with our trusted Advisory Team today.

Want to Know More?

Gleneagle’s Corporate Team has been responsible for and overseen both large and small corporate ventures. For a full history of our transactions, please contact us.