Institutional Services

FX Liquidity

Sophisticated clients trading in the foreign exchange market demand premium liquidity and execution and rely heavily on the infrastructure of their broker. With that in mind, Gleneagle has worked tirelessly to secure relationships with top tier liquidity providers as well and providing clients with Direct Market Access to the interbank market. The result of this is a premium foreign exchange liquidity offering, capable of handling the needs of fund managers, sophisticated and high net worth traders.

Need Access to Institutional Grade Liquidity?

Whether a broker, hedge fund or other financial services firm, Gleneagle Securities can provide you with competitive priced and stable liquidity pools sourced from our partnerships with large financial institutions and banks.

Broker Solutions

The broking industry is becoming increasingly competitive with estimates of the number of financial services enterprises in Australia currently at around 30,000. As such it is imperative that new brokers are able to efficiently establish, market and maintain their operations in order to give themselves a chance of prolonged success.

Gleneagle Securities has developed a host of broker solutions that help facilitate this process and add considerable value to the range of products and services offered by smaller brokers and brokerage firms. Through these solutions, brokers are able to offer their clients the same level of service, depth of product and sophistication of infrastructure that Gleneagle has worked so tirelessly to create.

Brokers can also benefit from Gleneagle’s marketing and sales solutions, offer their clients corporate opportunities and the security of being backed by such a well-established organisation. If you are a broker, interested in expanding and improving your business, we encourage you to contact us to discuss this further.

Interested in Our Services?

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