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Securities Finance and Debt Advisory services for brokers, hedge funds and financial services firms.

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Gleneagle Prime - Securities Lending & Finance

Gleneagle Securities provides clients with the facility to borrow funds to invest in listed financial products such as equities; using their cash or equity as collateral.   

Our account allows clients to leverage into positions to amplify returns, to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise, or to diversify existing portfolios to reduce concentration risks.

Other common usages include the lodgement of long-term portfolios and holdings as collateral for the loan, providing liquidity which can be utilised for other investment purposes.

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Debt Advisory

The Debt Advisory team is a vital part of Gleneagle’s Advisory practice, providing professional advice and world-class execution across debt markets through the firm’s local and global network.

As a valued Gleneagle client, you will have access to professional and experienced debt advisors who offer cost effective strategies and tailored outcomes for your specific situation.