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Gleneagle undertakes site visit to cornerstone investment

Emerging Companies Fund Site Visit

Last week, Gleneagle undertook a site visit to a materials plant that sits within its investment portfolio. As of publishing, the security also forms a cornerstone within Gleneagle’s Emerging Companies Fund (‘’the Fund’’). The company supplies premium-grade materials used in the manufacturing of semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries, LEDs and sapphire-glass. Its commitment to innovation and environmentally […]

January Market Review

Fund Reports Equity Fund January 2024

We spoke about the magnificent 7 last month, but perhaps it should really be called the ‘Magnificent AI’.  Artificial intelligence (AI) has made some incredible breakthroughs in the last few years, with the pace of change accelerating at warp speed.  The step change has largely been the ability to train AI models with extremely large […]

December Market Review

Managed Fund Reports Equity Fund December 2023

The top 7 stocks in the US, now called the ‘Magnificent 7’, accounted for nearly all the gains in the S&P 500 in 2023. When we plot the top 7 stocks in the S&P 500 against the remaining 493 stocks for the year, you can see the outperformance of these top names. Essentially, anyone not […]

November Market Review

Managed Fund Reports Equity Fund November 2023

November saw a very rapid rebound in equity markets as the ‘soft landing’ narrative took hold, despite commodities continuing to signal otherwise.   Perhaps the Christmas rally came early this year, but when markets went vertical in November without pause, they call these a ‘lockout rally’, as anyone waiting for a pullback to jump on board […]

October Market Review

Managed Fund Reports Equity Fund October 2023

Rising bond yields and increased geopolitical tensions saw global equity markets in October experience their weakest month of performance year-to-date with the ASX 200 down 2.9%.  Inflation and Rates Last month I was discussing getting long exposure to the US 2-year bonds as we were approaching the top of the rate hiking cycle.  This trade […]

September Market Review

Managed Fund Reports Equity Fund September 2023

Markets have been under a bit of pressure in the last couple of months as interest rates continue to climb higher, and the Israel/Hamas conflict threatens to escalate.  The S&P 500 is now back to the same level it was at the start of the year. With painfully elevated yields, and a looming US recession, […]

August Market Review

Managed Fund Reports Equity Fund August 2023

The portfolio is already on track for a very good September month, as one of Elsight’s design win partners, Airobotics, just received the first U.S. FAA ‘Beyond-Line-of-Sight’ (BVLOS) Type certification, which is the highest echelon of airworthiness certification for drones.  This has been a 4-year long process, with reportedly over 100,000 test flights, and is […]

July Market Review

Managed Fund Reports Equity Fund July 2023

At the start of the month, the major shareholders had been putting pressure on Helios to make changes to fix the poor news flow.   The company has now agreed to changes at Board level and an announcement was finally made to the market yesterday.  Helios Shareholders have been getting frustrated from the complete lack of […]

Downgrades, rising yields and inflation

As the Federal Reserve prepares for its annual symposium from Aug. 24-26 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, markets are trying to come to grips with the latest move higher in yields post the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and the recent U.S debt downgrade which has seen long end yield rise and a resurgence of the […]

June Market Review

Fund Reports Equity Fund June 2023

June can be a tough month for any equities that have underperformed over the financial year as they can be subject to tax loss selling, where investors sell weaker stocks to offset any capital gains they may have had for the year.  Interest Rates While the RBA just paused again on rates, global interest rates […]


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